Why should I want to be a Photographer?

Make happy memories for people. Discover new places. Create freedom. Schedule your own life - and be able to get paid while doing this!

Sounds amazing, right? Well, as a professional photographer you can! A couple of years ago I wasn’t sure if I would ever make a decent living with my photography. But I’m very glad I believed in myself and persevered. I love to tell you more about it!

How can I take the next step in my Photography Job?

Set your goal, take it day-by-day and keep going. Invest in yourself and find a mentor!

Do you have the feeling there is more to gain with your photography? But you’re not sure how? I get this! When I started I had no clue what to do. I just started, made a lot of mistakes and learned even more from it. What helped me the most was having a mentor who already walked the path. And now, it's my turn to help!

I'm interested, what do I get in this course?

A step-by-step guide on how you can take your Photography Business to the next level!

During 24 lessons I will tell you all about transforming your photography job into a succesfull fulltime business. I'll share practical tips on how to shoot festivals and events, how to get the clients you want and make them super excited about working with you.

Total value €2497,

🕐 After full launch €1597.
✅ Your investment right now €997,-


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    1. Tips to get the most out of this course

    2. Free download: A visual roadmap to your succes!

    3. Free download: The perfect portfolio checklist - for when you want to start reaching out to new clients

    1. Free preview: Important mindset to become succes full as a photographer

    2. Assignment: Your roadmap to succes!

    3. 5 Quick wins to get more clients

    4. Things to know before shooting your first festival

    5. Things to know about light and SFX at festivals

    6. C1: How to create a mindset to make every job a succes!

    7. C2: How to successfully plan your assignment

    8. C3: How to create a head start with every assignment

    9. Bonus: Dealing with Anxiety as a Photography

    1. Free preview: Small tip to 10x your workflow as a photographer

    2. C4: My secret photo-tactic that will help you make photos clients love

    3. C5: How to photograph candid shots from visitors

    4. C6: How to photograph DJs at festivals

    5. C7: Do’s and dont's festival photography

    6. C8: How to photograph speakers at events

    7. C8.1: How to shooting speakers at events - On location video

    8. C8.2 - Review: How I applied the tips in practice

    9. C9: How to photograph acts and side programming

    10. C10: How to photograph food, drinks and catering at events

    11. C11: How to photograph nightclubs and parties -> [Complete lowlight photography guide]

    12. Assignment Review: Lessons Learned from a Congress Shoot 👍

    1. Free preview: Key moment in my photography career

    2. Chapter 12: How to make photos other people will love through story telling

    3. Chapter 13: How to make photos that create an impact on other people - Human psychology of photography

    4. Chapter 14: How to create visually appealing photos

    5. Chapter 15: How to create photos your clients will love - Marketing worthy photography

    6. Bonus: DJ / Tour photography edit workflow

    1. Free preview: How to start making 100K + a year

    2. C16: How to (Start) getting assignments

    3. C17: Attracting new clients by creating an impressive network

    4. C18: Attracting your dream clients - Part 1

    5. C19: Attracting your dream clients - Part 2

    6. C20: Start asking more for you photography [Determine your price]

    7. Upcoming video: Chapter 21: Price increase roadmap tips

    8. C22: Make 3200,- of extra passive income - Strategy explained

    9. C23: How to get international clients

    10. C24: 30 min edit workflow - How to deliver your photos the same day & take on more assignments

    11. Bonus: How I Charged 750,- for 1 photo and 30 min of work

    12. Bonus: How I Charged 625 Euros per Hour for Event Photography

  • €997,00
  • 73 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content
  • Fun and inspiration!
  • Mentorship & Coaching

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In the meantime, enjoy this short video reel!

Meet your mentor

Hi, I'm Michiel Ton. Awesome to meet you!

My story as a Festival & Event photographer started - with my friends! We loved dance music, and one of my friends started Exclusive.com. This website got a lot of attention and we were invited to events, like Ultra Music Festival. I helped our team of international photographers with their assignments. But at one moment I thought: “I can shoot photos too!”

And so, I discovered my passion for photography! What started as a hobby later turned into a fulltime job. And better than I expected, it grew to be a well-paid business.

Also nice to know: teaching is another passion of mine! I finished my bachelor degree as a teacher in social studies.

Creating a course about Building a Fulltime Photography Business was the next step for me. It combines my love for photography and teaching. I’m so excited to be your (virtual) mentor and share it with you!

Festivals & Events I've worked at

800+ events!


“Michiel is an experienced person that I certainly revere. His teaching methods are very clear and for that reason very pleasant to gain knowledge. Michiel is definitely communicative and is therefore always open to my questions. As he himself says; My knowledge is your knowledge!”

“Michiel Ton is a dedicated, professional and a hard-working photographer. I couldn’t be more satisfied and happy to work with him. I can assure that he will definitely give you more than what you want.”

“We’ve been working with Michiel since the summer season of 2017 for all our big performances. Michiel is a great photographer, and fun to work with. It’s always a good time when we ask him to join. ”